Zvony Kašperské Hory (Kašperské Hory Bells)

The BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation is fully aware of the losses caused by tragic historical events to ecclesiastical monuments. This is why we have decided to financially and organisationally contribute to the restoration or saving of some sites.  The first project of this kind is “Zvony pro Šumavu” (Bells for the Bohemian Forest). The aim is to return 3 new and 2 restored bells to the Archdeacon Church of St. Margaret in the Kašperské hory mountains, in cooperation with the Šumava Cultural Association and the Roman Catholic Parish of Kašperské hory.

The BKS Foundation helped launch the “Zvony pro Šumavu” public collection , the main purpose of which is to support the identification of local inhabitants and visitors to Šumava with the project. Its completion is planned for the third quarter of 2021, when the bells will be hung and consecrated. The project was sponsored by the ambassador of Germany in the Czech Republic, Mr Israng, who expressed his interest in participating in the blessing of the bells on the occasion of the Czech-German pilgrimage in August 2021. We consider the involvement of the German party to be a new, important dimension for the entire event that will contribute to the deepening of Czech-German relationships.


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