The BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation is a tool aimed at supporting projects, organizations or activities of individuals, which increase the quality of life in the society and cement it. We believe that the only way toward the growth of the general welfare is one based on respect for others, friendship, honesty and solidarity.



We all in BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation have been looking for a tool that explains more briefly our attitude to the fulfillment of…

We support

Člověk v tísni (People in Need)

A non-governmental non-profit organisation based on the principles of humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity, seeking an open, informed, engaged and…

We want to teach our children virtues, yet we don’t let them act but instead speak words to them, we want to teach them hard work, yet we don’t let them work but speak words to them; we want them to know the order and laws of the outside world, but don’t allow them to observe the outside world to become passionate about the beauty and goodness by the power of their youthful soul and we shut them within the school walls and speak words to them again

Josef Úlehla - Listy pedagogické (Praha, 1889, s. 26)

Do you want to ask for a contribution?

Do you want to ask for a contribution?