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From the very beginning, we have supported an association of leading entrepreneurs striving for sustainable growth for the Czech economy and the country. This initiative aims to kick-start the necessary reforms and with their help to turn our republic into an open, respected and successful country in the next three decades. To contribute to the emergence of a society that is built on an environmentally friendly economy with high added value, capable to compete successfully with the most advanced countries of the world. Reforms supported by the initiative include for example more efficient public administration, better funding for science, modernization of the education system, more strategic export support and more active use of the opportunities associated with the transition to a low-emission economy.


Together with other foundations, we support the “Czechs in Europe” project, which seeks to address our national “lack of self-confidence”. Our feeling that we should not cooperate with Western democracies because we are afraid of the world and the future and do not know where ur country should be heading. This project is based on long-term research and data from the STEM, Institute of Empirical Research. Through the consortium “Czech Interests in the EU”, it seeks dialogue on where Czechs think Europe should go, how decisions are actually made in the European Union, and what are myths and superstitions. Rumors and manipulations have long been spread about Europe and the EU – and often deliberately. The project “Europe in Data” intends to change that, since it presents simple facts, comparisons, and overviews of life in Europe and shows where the problems really are and where we just make them up.


On 10 October, the “Changing the Curriculum” campaign was launched. Partners from business, government and non-profit organizations have come together to support a change in what children learn in schools. The aim of this project, initiated by our foundation, is a public discussion on the transformation of educational programs, helping schools to teach content and skills for the 21st century. In a dramatically changing world, cooperation is essential to succeed in dealing with current and future crises. Our foundation has been involved in cooperation not only with the National Institute of Education of the Czech Republic, the guarantor of the curriculum change, but also with the Česká spořitelna Foundation, the Abakus Endowment Fund, the Society for All, z.s., the Union of Parents and expert non-profits in education. Essential technical assistance for the entire project was provided by DFMG.

A campaign and a website have been created to describe the changes that need to be implemented in the education system. It is about developing and promoting the eight key competences that children will acquire: communication skills, problem-solving skills, learning ability, social and personal competences, civic skills, work skills, cultural and digital skills, and scientific and technological problem solving.

The “Changing the Curriculum” campaign aims to inspire all those who are actively involved in education, to awaken public interest in the issues that determine the success of our entire country.

Do you want to ask for a contribution?

Do you want to ask for a contribution?