The BLÍZKSOBĚ Foundation supports the project “Broumov – European Capital of Culture 2028”.  The candidacy was proposed and is being implemented by the Agency for the Development of the Broumov Region (APRB). The purpose of all its activities is to initiate creative cooperation and community development in the Broumov region, which still bears traces of the unfortunate events of the second half of the 20th century, especially the interruption of historical continuity after the 2nd World War and the consequences of communist centralization.

The most visible results of the work  of APRB are the revival of the Broumov Monastery and the establishment of the “Broumov Educational and Cultural Center”, the organization of the music festival “For the Treasures of the Broumov Region” or the conference “Broumov Discussion”. The Agency’s activities are also aimed at strengthening economic activity in the region (tourism, printing production, cheese production). One of the latest initiatives of the APRB is the creation of a background “Character Development Center”, thematizing its holistic formation. 

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