Bošínská cesta (Bošín path)

Bošínská cesta is a synonym for a wider area of activities. Its aim is to create a strong place, which will follow up the work and tradition of our ancestors and the 130-year history. Bošínská cesta has more than just a religious dimension based on the needs of the 21st century. It understands that spiritual life has ceased to be solely the domain of church activities and is increasingly appealing to modern man. Bošínská cesta is supposed to connect all those who are interested in spreading principles representing true humanity, such as the creative potential of individuals, the willingness to help those in need, activity in the field of civic society, truthfulness, modesty, the courage to resist populism and the extremist moods of today’s times, as well as support for healthy self-confidence. That is why this project is so unique. Bošínská cesta is determined to spread these principles in the form of cultural and social events, discussions and lessons thus contributing to the revival of the ailing public life in this forgotten part of the Labe valley region. And we believe that we will all be closer to each other as a result. For more information see

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