What was year 2018 like at the BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation?

Dear friends, partners and supporters. We are already working on our year-end report for 2018 and therefore we bring you the first numbers – in 2018 we supported 59 projects (including 44 long-term ones and 15 one-time ones) altogether and we granted endowments in the total amount of CZK 12,027,190.

In 2019 we would like to continue to focus on the topics of Civic society and Education as our main issues.

We would like to express the gratitude we feel for our meetings with you. They are always enriching for us and we are looking forward to them in the next year as well. Thanks for your participation.

BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation team

Do you want to ask for a contribution?

Do you want to ask for a contribution?