ONE YEAR AFTER: Impacts of the war in Ukraine in the Czech Republic

On the initiative of the BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation, the Via Clarita Foundation organized on April 17,  2023  event entitled: One Year After: Impacts of the War in Ukraine in the Czech Republic – An Opportunity for Cooperation of  Business, the Foundation Sector and NGOs.   The meeting took place thanks to cooperation with other partners such as PAQ Research, Abakus Foundation, Česká  spořitelna Foundation, RSJ Foundation and others.   The introductory word was given by the founder of BLÍŽKSOBĚ Foundation Martin Vohánka, who emphasized the inevitability of cooperation across sectors  for effective dealing with problems related to the impacts of  the war in Ukraine.

The invitation to the event was accepted by distinguished guests: Minister of Labour and Social Affairs M.  Jurečka, K.  Šimáčková Laurenčíková,  Government Commissioner for Human Rights.

The starting point of the debate was the  PAQ Research  study on the current state and challenges of  the integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic presented by D. Prokop. Expertise in the field of education, mental health and work was also contributed to the debate by other participants of the event, such as P.   Katz from the Ministry of Education, T.E.  Dombrovský, P. Winkler, K.  Titěrová and others.

This meeting is an important impulse to evaluate the  achievements of  our work in this area, and at the same time an opportunity   to  think about the possibilities of  its further improvement. 

Do you want to ask for a contribution?

Do you want to ask for a contribution?